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This page contains public documents that are developed as part of the RWC Walk Bike Thrive project. Below, you can also read about an earlier related project called RWCmoves.

RWC Walk Bike Thrive plan (June 2022)

The plan document outlines and prioritizes numerous proposed projects (including a citywide bikeway network) to improve walking, biking and traffic safety conditions throughout Redwood City.

Public workshop on draft proposed projects (Jan. 2022)

At this virtual public workshop, the project team sought residents' feedback on a series of draft proposed projects. Click here for the workshop recording.

Collision profiles and traffic-safety focus areas (Nov. 2021)

Based on collision data, the project team identified the top collision intersections and corridors in Redwood City; developed "profiles" for ten common types of collisions; and identified a draft list of intersections and street segments where the City should focus efforts to improve traffic safety. This slide show presents the key findings.

Summary of first round of outreach (summer 2021)

The purpose of the first round of outreach for RWC Walk Bike Thrive, conducted in summer 2021, was to hear residents' needs and concerns regarding walking, biking and traffic safety. Opportunities for the public to participate included a survey, a pinnable map and two community workshops. Click here for a summary of the outreach activities, results and key findings.

Analysis of existing conditions (July 2021)

As an initial step in the RWC Walk Bike Thrive planning process, the project team examined existing conditions for walking, biking and traffic safety in Redwood City. This slide show presents the research and analyses we conducted as part of this step.

RWCmoves (2018)

This is Redwood City's most recent citywide transportation plan. It sets out a vision for a safe, multimodal transportation network throughout the city. The current RWC Walk Bike Thrive effort will identify specific pedestrian, bicycle and traffic-safety projects to help bring the RWCmoves vision closer to reality.

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